• Aeropress

  • Requirements
    Coffee: 16g
    Water: 250ml
    Temp: 94℃
    Brew time: 2 minutes
    Grind: Medium fine

    1. Add the filter paper to the Aeropress and rinse with water
    2. Place the Aeropress in the inverted position
    3. Add your coffee to the brew chamber
    4. Place the Aeropress on the scales and reset to zero
    5. Start timer and add 100g of water
    6. Stir 5 times to ensure all grounds are wet
    7. Add a further 150g of water then add cap
    8. Brew until your timer reads 1m30s
    9. Place your Aeropress on top of your cup and press down firmly, this should take 30 seconds if your grind is perfect. If it takes longer, the grind is too fine, quicker too coarse.